South-West Somalia Diaspora Initiatives
                  {Health & Wellness, Literacy & Sustainable Economic & Social Development}

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People are our Platform
A Promising ZONE
 Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings . -Nelson Mandela

  •  Mission:-Engage, advocate and empower vulnerable population in the South-West Somalia, by helping them improve their socio-economic status, within their societies, thus becoming economic self-sufficient.

  • Vision:- SWSD to be the leading social service agency in breaking cycle of poverty of underserved population, through social  & economic justice, and sustainable economic development.

  •   Core Value:- Transparency~Accountability~Integrity                                     Non-partison  -  Non-political  -  Non-religion
  • Policies & Procedures Transparency
    With over 15 plus years of experience facilitating development projects, at SWSD we understand the importance of being a safe pair of hands for the funds and initiatives entrusted to us by our many donors and partners.
    We are committed to transparency and accountability in our work and have procedures and guidelines in place for all critical processes to ensure we meet and exceed the expectations of our partners in relation to project management, monitoring, performance management and quality assurance.


Director's Corner:- People in South-West Somalia have been known to be peace loving, and productive society. God blessed them with two rivers, ocean and fertile land. They have been law abide by citizens, productive and tax paying society. Due to civil war and unrest, they became neighbor with man made famine, diseases and stressfull situation. Thus became from productive people to aid waiting people. We can put them back on track if we can partners committed to help them became again productive thus reduce poverty level.

Tri-State Post Conflict Initiatives

The Impact

New construction of Aw-Osman Clinic Daafeet-district in South-West Somali, funded by SW Somalia Diaspora.        Source Daafeet-Media

Needy people of Afgoye district, in South-West Somalia State, receive Ramadan food donated by SWS Diaspora of UK..

New school Maama-Caliyow Village of Daafeet district in South-West Somalia funded by South-West Diaspora.     Source Daafeet-Media

Environmental Friendly Projects
Board of Directors:
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  • Public Relations
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  • Women's Affairs
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Advisory Group:-
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  • Programs
Each projects here represents a real life touched by the passion and
generosity of our diaspora supporters to improve target populations'  lives.
Afgoye-District Projects
Daafeed - District Projects
Bakool- Region
Hudur- Project
  Main Bridge, After-Repair
Aw-osman village clinic under-construction  
Donkey water

Hudur Hospital


Bridge, Before-Repair
Aw-Osman Primary School
Donkey carts donated 
Hudur project: #1- Hospital beds donated to local hospital . . Read more

Hudur Project: #2-
Hudur orphanage center
Other Afgoye Projects:-

Project # 2:- One old canal rehabilitated . . . Read more

Project # 3:- Mosquito-net distributed . . . . .Read more

Project # 4:- FIfty-five families received Ramadan food ration . . . . Read more

Project #2:- School children received school supply . . . . . Read more
Project # 1:- Donkey carts received by local Ufurow-villagers donated by South-West Somalia Diaspora . . Read more
More please click here
Post-Conflict Poverty Reduction Proposing Projects & Initiatives
Sustainable Economic Development Projects

  • Maternal health women in South-West Somalia give birth at home or in unhygienic health facilities without water and sanitation . . . . . Read more

  • Train Community Health Workers (CHW) and medics to provide care for rural communities across South-West Somalia State . . . . . Read more

  • To educate and empower girls of South-West Somalia thus helping them reach their highest potential. Consequently, our vision is .  . . Read more

  • To educate and empower girls of South-West Somalia thus helping them reach their highest potential. Consequently, our vision is .  . . Read more
Water & Sanitation

  • To educate and empower girls of South-West Somalia thus helping them reach their highest potential. Our vision is to .   . Read more

  • To educate and empower girls of South-West Somalia thus helping them
    reach their highest potential. Consequently, our vision is .   . Read more

  • To educate and empower girls of South-West Somalia thus helping them reach their highest potential. our vision is . Read more  

  • To educate and empower girls of South-West Somalia thus helping them reach their highest potential. vision is Read more

Women's Empowerment Projects

Anti poverty project in South West
  • Social worker
  • Trauma caunselor
  • Mental health
Health & Wellness
Youth Prevention, & Intervention - Projects
Media Project 

Social Justice  
Civil Society 
Smart Idea:- Your smart and innovated ideas are warmly wecomed
Water, Food and Extreme Poverty

At USAID’s second Frontiers in Development Forum, we’re focusing on the role of innovation, science and technology in eradicating extreme poverty by 2030. Over the past year, I have witnessed the potential of scientific and technological breakthroughs to address some of the developing world’s greatest challenges through our Grand Challenges for Development.
Our role at USAID is to help define these challenges, prioritizing key elements of the fight against extreme poverty. We then open our doors to potential solutions from a variety of disciplines, locations and specializations – in search of the most promising innovations. These Grand Challenges are developed in the form of prizes that have the potential to catalyze the world in the fight against extreme poverty.
The Securing Water for Food Grand Challenge for Development is an important element of this fight. The availability of water for food is crucial to farmers and others who depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. The number of people impacted by water stress and insecurity will only continue to rise, and providing simple, sustainable and cost-efficient solutions to this issue could help a poor family or community could grow more food, harvest a surplus, and earn additional income.
Over the past year, we launched two calls for Security Water for Food innovations. More than 570 applications represented more than 90 countries. Of these, we selected 17 award recipients whose proposals best demonstrated the potential to either enable the production of more food with less water, or to make more water available for food production, processing, and distribution.

We need your help to continue this work
Please kindly and humanely support our Regional Advocacy and Social Mobilization Activities fo Reduce Poverty before Eradication.   
  *A local business woman with spirit education promised pledgded provided $10000 in private matching funds to
support the implementation of women empowerment projects  .
  • Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment, Youth Development, Sports, Culture and Local Government, Donovan Williams (left) and USAID’s Supervisory General Development Officer Ted Lawrence pose after the signing of the MOU.
  • SDOP Core Strategies: Promoting Justice, Building Solidarity, Advancing Human Dignity, Advocating for Economic Equity,                                               
    SDOP Program Measures
    While each project and community with whom SDOP partners is unique and varied, we have developed a set of program measures to cohesively tell the story and impact of our combined work. SDOP partners are asked to consider and report how their work contributes to these measures, both quantitatively and qualitatively.  Projects are not expected to demonstrate progress in all of the measure areas or even in each of the examples provided. Instead, each project will report what resonates with the results of their work.
    Develop diverse leadership/membership/engagement includes counts of participants involved in leadership activities, their diversity and the degree of engagement.
    Realize social justice achievements includes justice measures that build power for the economically poor and oppressed. This can be measured, for example, in changes in policy, transformation of unjust practices, increased independence and increased representation.
    Strengthen relationships, communication and collaboration includes counts of outreach activities into the community and the partnerships formed or strengthened.
    Expand education and skills development includes counts for the number and types of trainings and technical assistance.
    Increase economic development opportunities includes the reporting of activities related to strengthening economic opportunities for group members.
    Enhance quality of life includes measures of change and improvement across a broad spectrum of issues including health, housing, food security, transportation, safety, etc.

Help SWSDiaspora reach their fundraising program of the year. We have three potential business men and woman who are willing to match maximum of fifty thousand. Please donate generously so that we can complete our three proposing projects. All contribution, and donations are 100% tax deductible

Adversely aeefecting their life  - children's school - 
Friendly professional knowledgeable -
  • Opening access - breaking barrier - Promoting welness
  • mental health, developmental disabilities and addiction services.
  • "Helping To Make Brighter Tomorrow"
  • Waste baydoa market
  • Radio
  • CHW
  • Maternal and child, Abmulance, mobile medical bus
  • Justice reform
  • Rehabilitate courts
  • Rehabilitate Well, Reservoir, Canal,
  • Democracy, human rights
  • peace and development partners partners in health
  • At Living Goods we empower people to improve the health of their families, friends and communities.
    Living Goods supports networks of ‘Avon-like’ health entrepreneurs who go door to door to teach families how to improve their health and wealth and sell life-changing products such as simple treatments for malaria and diarrhea, safe delivery kits, fortified foods, clean cook stoves, water filters, and solar lights. By combining the best practices from business and public health, we are dramatically lowering child mortality AND creating livelihoods for thousands of enterprising women.