South-West Somalia Diaspora Initiatives
                  {Health & Wellness, Literacy & Sustainable Economic & Social Development}

Challenge -Hope - Aspiration

Integrity - Transparent - Accountabilty - Partnership - Teamwork              


People are our Platform
A Promising ZONE
 Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings . -Nelson Mandela

  •  Mission:-Engage, advocate and empower vulnerable population in the South-West Somalia, by helping them improve their socio-economic status, within their societies, thus becoming economic self-sufficient.

  • Vision:- SWSD to be the leading social service agency in breaking cycle of poverty of underserved population, through social  & economic justice, and sustainable economic development.

  •   Core Value:- Transparency~Accountability~Integrity                                     Non-partison  -  Non-political  -  Non-religion
  • Policies & Procedures Transparency
    With over 15 plus years of experience facilitating development projects, at SWSD we understand the importance of being a safe pair of hands for the funds and initiatives entrusted to us by our many donors and partners.
    We are committed to transparency and accountability in our work and have procedures and guidelines in place for all critical processes to ensure we meet and exceed the expectations of our partners in relation to project management, monitoring, performance management and quality assurance.

We connect people and organizations across borders to serve and change lives through lasting partnerships.
When it comes to changing the world, no one can do it alone. But all too often, the people and institutions working to solve global challenges operate in isolation, leaving community needs unmet and donor dollars underutilized.
At Partners of the Americas, our approach is different. We bring the right mix of players – volunteers, development professionals, governments, businesses, and higher education institutions – to the table in order to match resources, knowledge and passion to need. By connecting local organizations to broader funding opportunities and empowering citizens to become agents of change, we develop lasting solutions to our hemisphere’s toughest challenges, together.
It’s the simple notion of partnership, and we believe it can change everything.
Partners’ network of chapters across the Americas forms the core of our work.  We also welcome individuals, organizations, and higher education institutions as members.  Join the Partners community today!
Inspired by President Kennedy and founded in 1964 under the Alliance for Progress, Partners of the Americas is a 501(c) 3 non-profit, non-partisan organization with international offices in Washington, DC.
Public Disclosure Form 990 for Partners of the Americas, Inc. - 2014
Democracy and Governance
Building a resilient civil society sector is just as critical as building the strong institutions they hold accountable.
Democratic governance is the foundation for an equitable, just and peaceful society. By strengthening democratic principles such as citizen engagement, social inclusion, transparency and accountability, we’re building a safer hemisphere.
Past Program:-
Civil society can be a powerful agent for change. We’re committed to expanding, strengthening and institutionalizing civil society to promote good governance, rule of law, and government transparency and accountability. Bridging the gap between civil society and government is critical to enhanced understanding and strengthened democracy. Our Legislative Fellows program connects the two sectors through short-term professional leadership exchanges.
Build Bonds. Shape policy.
Policy needs to reflect the needs of society, bringing individual needs onto a societal level, taking care of the needs of the vulnerable groups, responding to local and global trends and demands, identifying priorities, and allowing for progress. Policy reflects how administration cares for people/ A country’s policies reflect how the administration cares for its people/ takes care of its people. The Administration needs to have the capacity to understand the needs of its citizens, work with them to put their needs into a wider perspective and generate solutions that work. Initiatives works with the local and state administration and institutions, to enhance their capacities to understand the needs of citizens, particularly regarding/those ofvulnerable groups and businesses/the business sector. We link the local and state administration and institutions to local businesses, vulnerable groups and individuals to generate working partnerships. These partnerships working together to generate solutions, identify priorities and form policy with the participation of all.
Youth are a catalyst of change. Our objective has always been to nurture the young to be the positive force moving society forward. By working constantly with youth, we aim to foster the growth of tolerance, deepen the sense of belonging and responsibility for the communities they live in and provide opportunities for them to be the factor of positive change. By exposing youth to civil society principles of participation, accountability, and peaceful change, we continually work on introducing young minds to new ideas, challenges and opportunities, forging the leaders of tomorrow.
Society is a myriad of connections and possibilities. Enabling a community to progress depends on a number of factors and a growing economy is key. Initiatives bring practical experience to the table and assist entrepreneurs in building their ideas and innovations into sustainable business. We work with business to help them shape their voice. We assist them in developing ties with government institutions. We provide means to help their voice be heard. We provide opportunities for business to give back to the community.
In a world of people, equality, tolerance and openness are essential in building an inclusive and harmonious society. We work together with vulnerable groups, providing them with skills, resources, authority, opportunity and motivation to make choices and act on them. We then support them in buidling ties to government and business to transform these choices into policy, business opportunities and community development. We provide the opportunities for people to learn, do and feel that they are an equal building block of the community they live in.
Initiatives goal is to change the mindset of people living in the world around us through a plethora of innovative methods and projects. Transforming hostility and distrust into collaboration and mutual respect through projects and activities that incontestably establish cooperation dialogue between conflicting groups.Our people are committed to researching new and innovative methods to
enhance and encourage social dialogue, building social stability and making way for progress and growth. We involve individuals providing opportunities to learn, to share, to act, to grow, to give back and be part of the positive change.

Initiatives provide educational programs and services to meet the needs of young people. Many of youth live in poverty without access to education, either formal or unformed education. By preparing generation with information, skills, and knoweledge, the Initiatives is enebling them to achieve their full potential as productive citizens able to advance their communities.
Initiate:- The first step is the hardest to make. Problems are often too many for all to be tackled at once, and often the ones with the highest prioritiyesare the hardest to tackle. We provide courage and support to those that cannot make this first step on their own. Our projects identify problems, the groups they affect, and we provide them with the necessary skills, tools, and opportunities to generate change. Facilite-  Making things move forward easier is our virtue/it is our virtue to enable/facilitate progress. We bring initially opposing groups togetherand, remove obstacles that are preventing them froorm communicating and achieving their goals. We disseminateradiate information, as sharing knowledggde clarifies problems, creates opportunities and empowers.  Innovate:- The problems we tackle are usually are as old as society itself. Poverty, conflict, vulnerability, lack of education, lack of information, seclusion. With the development of technology and change in society over time, old solutions cannot generate enough change. sometimes tThey sometimes do not speak the language of today’s society. They often cannot influence change in new problems. We work on generating or adopting new and innovative methods to meet the challenges of today, utilizing the everyday advancement in knowledge sharing, policy  Involve:- A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. A society is only as developed as its least developed community. To move forward all need to be involved, all need to have ownership of the change for the change to happen. No voice is too small and, no effort is negligible in creating change. Sustainable:- We always aimlook to create solutions that can live on in the community they are delivered to. We create solutions by forming partnerships of trust. We make sure that partners are involved fully and take ownership. We facilitate financially sustainable business models. This allows our solutions to achievehave scale and sustainability, by becoming embedded in the community through the work of our partners.  Share:- Sharing is essential to our cause. Sharing brings in people together, allows them to identify with each other and unifies their causes, thereby creating a stronger feeling of belonging. We share our experiences and lessons learned with others in our community and with the communities around us. We believe that the bonds forged by sharing guarantee that the values we promote:- tolerance, understanding, equality and respect- will become ubiquitous.